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There is a time to start new hobby game projects and a time to stop developing them. It's been a wonderful jorney into gamedev and Bevy, but times have changed and I have to move on to other projects.

This final?1 update shows the state I leave Tribes in.

Tribes Two tribes windows showing opposing players' views

I'm pretty happy with the new stub terrain art I made now that heroes' (better) color palette is mathched by terrain's.

A hard lesson

I must confess that the last month of development was spent on fixing bugs that showed here and there. The reason for this was the fact that I failed to foresee how a seemingly simple game mechanic of a hiding scout unit leads to a miriad of corner cases that I must account for.

A conclusion? It's good to know all test cases when you implement anything more complex than a very simple feature. I think this is specific to game development where users have a way more freedom in ways of interacting with the game logic, more than in usual few buttons applications or a server code that interacts with other code in strictly defined ways. Well, good to know.

Closing words

As I mentioned I have to move to other things (which I hope I can announce soon), but I am definitely looking forward to meet Bevy again. Not necessary for game development, I can easily see it used for simulation, but it realy is fun to work with data in the Bevy way.

Thanks for following my journey along the way. If you're interested in the source code feel free to contact me.



At this stage and state of my life I can't really vouch for anything.