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It's been a while, and it's time to show you how Tribes evolved.

I made a new character art, and I am pretty satisfied with it for now.

Heroes on the new hexagonal map Heroes on a new hexagonal map

As you can see, there are three new classes in addition to two basic ones: Shaman, Scout and Warrior.

Warrior can be considered a hardened verison of Hunter; Scout can travel longer distances and stay hidden from enemy. Shaman is a central player in a tribe: it can convert heroes of one class to another, more advanced.

How does it do it? Well, there is a special substance in a Tribes world – mystical mushrooms. Heroes can find those in a forest, and once they have some, a Shaman can perform a ritual of Shroomagic – which you can see below in a short video clip.

Gatherer finds a shroom and Shaman performs Shroomagic

Another thing to mention is a dialog for chosing new hero class for a grown-up child. For now it's possible to choose between two basic classes: Gatherer and Hunter. The process is shown below.

Grown-up child becomes new hero

Few more additions/changes include:

  • a map is undiscovered at the beginning, and there is a fog of war
  • a map is hexagonal now, and initial tribe location is a line of three hexes
  • only children have age, just to track when they to become new heroes
  • only Gatherers can bring and grow children – their role in a tribe is the safest one

This was a quick update on a slow development progress. Stay tuned!