Hi, I'm Alexander Uvizhev.

I like to build software, play music, and hang out in climbing gyms. 🙃

I dream of the ideal world that's a better place for everyone, and I try to make it real through writing in human and computer languages.

Among the things that interest me currently:

  • Rust programming language and game development
  • Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)
  • Moral Enhancement and hence:
    • Neuroscience research on empathy, emotional intelligence, perspective-taking, brainwaves, etc.
    • Buddhist philosophy
    • Psychedelics research
    • Brain-computer interfaces
  • Game theory and its use in smart contracts (e.g., on Ethereum platform) for solving the problems of social coordination and governance.


I welcome any feedback and keen to have a good conversation, so here's how you can reach out to me:

Or you can email me: uvizhe at Gmail.

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